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New workshop dates for September and October

Cranberry, Kirsche & Weingummi

Neue Workshop Termine für Juli & Anfang August

Hazelnut. Brittle. Popcorn.

Traded ethically

From the farm to your cup, our coffee is transparently traceable. We work exclusively with small farmers and importers who share our values. Ecological and sustainable in line with social responsibility.

Artisanal roasted

Every Wednesday we roast freshly and unmixed on our 35kg Loring Kestrel in 30kg batches for the needs of the week. So that the coffee harmonises with your brewing method, we roast it for filter coffee, espresso and fully automatic machines.

enjoy diversity

Discover our small but fine seasonal range of exceptional coffees, from classic to fruity, which we will deliver fresh to your home. Or visit us in person at the roastery in Wiesbaden or at our brewing and espresso bar in Mainz.

Specialty Coffee from Wiesbaden

Exceptional coffees. Traded ethically. Radically transparent.

Specialty Coffee from Wiesbaden

Backyard charm, Viennese coffee house flair or old town bustle. At our 3 locations we connect you with extraordinary smallholders, tell you their story, serve you our interpretation of their extraordinary specialty coffees.