Where is my order? How do I check my order status?

As soon as your package leaves our warehouse, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. You can use this to check where your package is at the moment.

How long does shipping usually take?

We will ship your package as soon as possible. As soon as you receive notification of the electronic notification from DHL, your package is ready to be picked up by the shipping service provider. The delivery time is then 1-3 working days.

Can I also pick up my coffee order in the shops?

Yes, of course, select “Pickup” for the delivery method and the desired location. You will not be charged for shipping.

Can I order larger quantities of coffee?

Yes, of course, you can book up to 2kg for the respective product. If you want more, choose the home office package . Here you can select up to 6kg. For example, if you want to order 10kg, choose 6 kg + 4 kg. By the way, you get a 10% discount from 2 kg.

Do you also send cakes?

Currently not. You can take cakes with you from our locations or pre-order them for collection. Write a message to

Vouchers & workshop tickets

How can I purchase a voucher?

You can either purchase a voucher online (PDF or voucher card sent by post) or at our locations on site (voucher card).

Where can I redeem the voucher?

You can redeem your voucher here in our online shop or at one of our locations (roastery Hellmundstraße 37 in Wiesbaden or in our Brübar in Mainz, Augustinerstraße 19). Redemption in the Maldaner coffee house (Marktstrapsse 3, Wiesbaden) is currently not possible.

How can I redeem my voucher code?

You can redeem the voucher code that you will receive by email when you check out (on the right-hand side). If your voucher code doesn't work, send us an email.

If I only redeem part of my voucher, what happens to the rest?

The remaining amount remains, the next time you can enter the same voucher code again and the remaining amount will be redeemed.

Where can I redeem the Maldaner Taler?

The Maldaner Taler can only be redeemed and purchased in the coffee house at Marktstraße 34 in Wiesbaden.

Locations | Store | cafes

Where can I visit you? What are your opening times? What's your offer?

Wiesbaden roastery

Hellmunstr. 37, 2nd backyard

65183 Wiesbaden

Tuesday, Thursday:
Factory outlet 1-6 p.m

Workshop 37 pop-up cafe

Friday: 1pm-6pm

Saturday 12pm-6pm

Offer: coffee beans (whole beans or freshly ground on request) & advice, equipment . Click here for our current map. To go and to sit.

Brew and espresso bar Mainz

Augustinerstr. 19

55116 Mainz

Monday-Friday 11am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Offer: coffee beans (whole beans or freshly ground on request) & advice, equipment . Click here for our current map. To go and to sit.

Coffeehouse Wiesbaden

market street 34

65183 Wiesbaden

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5:30pm

Sundays and public holidays 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m

Offer: Coffee and espresso beans (freshly ground on request), drinks, aperitifs, long drinks, breakfast, lunch and cakes from our own pastry shop, to sit down and to go. Go here for the current map.

Can I park with you?

We do not have any customer parking spaces; there are public multi-storey car parks and other parking facilities as well as public transport in the immediate vicinity at all locations.

How can I pay at your place?

We are a cashless operation, so we only accept card payments or payments with a voucher. Cash payment is also possible in the Maldaner Kaffeehaus at Marktstraße 34 in Wiesbaden.

Can I sit at your place?

Yes, we have seats. Both inside and outside.

Do you have milk alternatives?

Yes, with us you can get all milk drinks alternatively with the Oatly Barista (vegan oat drink), at no extra charge.

Can I reserve a table?

To make a reservation in our coffee house (Marktstraße 34, Wiesbaden), please contact us directly on the telephone number: 0611 305214. You can simply drop by the roastery and Augustinerstraße, you will usually get a free seat here. At the weekend we recommend a reservation, write us an e-mail.

Do you serve decaffeinated coffee?

Yes, you can drink our decaffeinated coffee "Josephine" with us.

Where else can I find your products?

We sell our coffees in the following shops :

• Unpacked Wiesbaden

• Dear Mainz

• Lulu Mainz

• KiKe's Unpacked Niedernhausen

• Fresh mail Rhein-Main

• Nimble

• Crunchy

• selected Rewe stores

• RheinWein World Ruedesheim

You can get our coffee in the bar in the following restaurants :

• Café Hier & Now Wiesbaden (varieties "Franz" & "Laura" also as a package to take away)

• Café Wunderbar Wiesbaden (variety "Sara" also as a package to take away)

• Castle Freudenberg Wiesbaden

• Somar Wiesbaden

• Riesling in the Hindu Kush Wiesbaden

• Café Lille Hus Mainz

• Cafe Das Nest Mainz

• Café Lille Hus Niederolm

• Adam's Bar Oppenheim

• Café Alm Nauheim

• Café Guutsje Ruesselsheim

Workshops & coffee classes

Where are workshops held?

Our workshops are currently taking place in our roastery in Wiesbaden.

What courses & workshops are there?

You can find an overview of our workshops and current dates here. To be informed about new dates, sign up for our newsletter.

Can I cancel or rebook a workshop?

Cancellation policy:

Up to 3 weeks before the appointment: Full refund of the amount paid

From 3 weeks before the date: cancellation costs are 50% of the amount

1 week before the appointment: cancellation costs are 100% of the amount

To cancel please email us

Can I exchange my workshop voucher for a coffee voucher?

This is only possible if you have a voucher. You can redeem this for workshops as well as for all other products such as coffee and equipment. Unfortunately, if you have a voucher for a special workshop, this is not possible.

Can I make an individual appointment?
When will new dates be published?

Appointments are usually published 2 months in advance on our website. Sign up for our newsletter and you'll be the first to know when they're online. You can arrange individual appointments personally via .

Are there workshops available in English?

Yes, we offer private classes in English. Just send us an email to to set a date.

Coffee Club

What is the Maldaner Coffee Club?

We will send you a new coffee in a 250g packet at monthly intervals. Discover with us the best beans, traded directly and freshly roasted by hand. Available for espresso and filter coffee.

For whom is the Maldaner Coffee Club suitable?

For espresso and filter coffee drinkers who want to try a new specialty coffee every month and who like to try something new.

Would you also recommend the Maldaner Coffee Club for the fully automatic machine?

Since our Coffee Club coffees are mostly very light roasts, the coffee will probably come out of the fully automatic machine very light and possibly a little thin. With a fully automatic machine, you have less control over how the coffee runs out of the machine. That's why we only recommend our Coffee Club if you like these qualities.

How do I get my Maldaner Coffee Club?

We will conveniently send it to your home at the beginning of the month. Or you can pick it up at our roastery in Wiesbaden or in the shop in Mainz.

When will the Maldaner Coffee Club be shipped?

Your Maldaner Coffee Club coffee is always shipped in the first week of the month and should reach you in 1-3 days.

When and how can I cancel the Maldaner Coffee Club?

The Maldaner Coffee Club can be canceled or paused at any time. To do this, log into your Maldaner Coffee account and change the subscription details here. You should cancel before the new month is debited to you. You can also find the information about this in your account.

How can I choose between filter and espresso roasting for my Coffee Club subscription or change it afterwards?

To do this, log into your Maldaner Coffee account and change the subscription details here.

Assortment & coffee

What do the aromas on the coffee mean? Are your coffees scented?

No, there are no added flavors to any of our coffees. The aromas we use to describe our coffees are natural flavor nuances that we can taste when we taste them. Depending on your personal sensory system, your taste may differ from ours.

Why do your coffees have names? What do they mean?

The names on our coffees are dedicated to the family members of the Maldaner family or our farmers. For example, Wilhelm (our filter coffee classic) was the founder of Maldaner and Laura bears her name in honor of Laura Caballero, our contact person for the women's association El Trebol. She supports, coordinates and represents the small farmers who produce Laura's coffee beans through sustainable cultivation.

When was my coffee roasted?

We roast freshly every week and as needs-based as possible. You can find the roast date on the back of your coffee. It corresponds to the best before date -1 year.

Is my coffee going bad? What does the best before date on the packaging mean? When is the optimal drinking time

Your coffee won't go bad, but it will lose its variety of flavors over time. The most important thing here is that you store your coffee properly.

We recommend that you let the coffee rest for at least a week from the date of roasting so that the CO2 produced during the roasting process can escape. After that it is ready to drink and we recommend consuming it within 3 months. However, this does not mean that it is no longer edible afterwards. On the contrary: Some coffees only develop their full potential after 3 months. It is particularly exciting to see how the coffees develop over time and which aromas they produce at different times. You are also welcome to leave your coffee for 6 months and try again and again to find out how it changes.

Where can I find recipes?

In our online shop on the respective product page you will find our preparation recommendations for espresso or filter coffee for each coffee. Check out our Instagram channel for more tips and videos.

What does omniroast mean?

With an omni roast we refer to a roast that is suitable for both espresso and filter coffee preparation.

What is your strongest espresso?

Our strongest espresso roast is our house espresso Franz.

What is your darkest espresso roast?

Our house presso Franz and Laura.

Which mild, low-acid espresso do you recommend for the fully automatic machine or portafilter?
Which low-acid coffee do you recommend for the filter coffee machine or the hand filter?
Is your coffee organic or fair trade?

In addition to the high quality of the green coffee, the farmers are our top priority. Our motto: Direct trade with honesty, trust and long-term partnership at eye level instead of countless certificates that cost us and the farmers a lot. Having personal relationships with the farmers and letting them decide the selling price for themselves - that makes a real difference for us. Convince yourself and look at the comparison of our FOB price with that of the world market or fair trade price for our single-origin coffees (you can find this printed on the packet or online as a picture on the respective product page).

Does Hans-Georg no longer exist? Alternative?

Hans-Georg has not been in our range for some time and will not be coming back. We have decided to remove this coffee from our product range as it does not meet 100% our standard of transparently traded coffee. We always ask our importers and farmers the prices that are paid locally in the country of origin. You can also find these prices transparently on our product packaging. However, if these are not communicated transparently by our partners, we end the cooperation. Unfortunately, that was the case with Hans-Georg.

If you are looking for a nutty, low-acid coffee for the fully automatic machine, the portafilter or the mocha pot, you can alternatively try Rainer , Elisabeth orRoadster's Roast .

Heinrich no longer exists? Alternative?

No, unfortunately we have taken Heinrich out of our range. As an alternative, we recommend our Franz .