It is an innovative, manually operated one
small device that is inexpensive and effective
Possibility of making a great espresso
as well as making coffee.

Preparation in the AeroPress is a little more complicated than the standard method, but cleaner and much more controlled. Don't have the right tools yet? You can find the AeroPress here.


1. First, place a new, dry filter paper into the AeroPress cap and attach it to the Aeropress.

2. Place the AeroPress on your cup or pot with the cap facing down

3. Next, rinse the Aeropress with hot water. This preheats it and rinses the filter paper. Empty the water from your cup.

4. Add your freshly ground coffee to the Aeropress body.

5. Pour water and moisten all the ground coffee.

6. Stir the coffee well.

7. Carefully insert the plunger at an angle. Once it has penetrated, pull it up slightly to create a vacuum.

8. After 90 seconds of steeping time, start pressing down. You may need to apply a little pressure - pay attention to the cup. After 30 seconds you should be done.




15g freshly ground coffee per 250ml cup

Hario Kettle (optional – but helps extract evenly)

Measuring spoon or scale (optional)


Coffee quantity 15g

Water 250g/ml

Water temperature 91˚C

Brewing time 2 min

Grinding level medium – fine – like powdered sugar