Welcome to the Maldaner Coffee Club! Thank you for taking part. This is where your journey with your new coffee begins. We want you to experience this coffee - with all your senses . Are you excited? Before you get started, make sure your coffee is ready to be brewed. Have at least 7 days passed since the roasting date ? Then let's get started! Your Maldaner Coffee Roasters wish you a lot of fun discovering. Let's brew it!

Open your Coffee Club coffee and put your nose in the packet - smell the freshly roasted coffee. Look at the coffee beans, what do they look like? How big are the beans, what is their structure? After your first impression, you are ready to prepare your coffee. Take your time and celebrate this extraordinary coffee. You can find our recipe recommendations here.

V60 hand filter

15.5g | 250g | 2:30 mins

We start with a bloom, in which we wet the entire ground material with 30 g water and leave it for 30 seconds. bloom. Then we pour up to 160 g in circular movements. Then we hold in the middle and carefully pour up to 220 g, making sure that the water level remains constant. Finally, we circle again until we get to 250 g. The brewing process should be completed in 1:30 min. The processing time should be 2:20-2:30 min.

portafilter machine

14.5g in | 40g out | 29-31 sec.

Did you brew your coffee? Let it work its magic on you before you drink it. What is its color and texture like? Wave it and take in its scent. Sip it and let it melt in your mouth. What flavors can you recognize? Associate with similar tastes and try to think in terms of colors. How is the mouthfeel? Soft, silky, gentle or sparkling? Is your coffee sweet? Try to get to know your coffee fully. Don't forget to record all your impressions in the cupping chart on the packaging.

Only when you have explored your coffee through and through will we tell you which beans it is:

Today, the Holguin Ramos family carries some of the rarest and most special coffees in the world. The farm is now not only known for its exceptional coffee beans, but also for its social and ecological commitment. They ensure stable job opportunities and better jobs for the locals. In addition, the farm is currently on the way to becoming the first farm in Colombia to be certified as biodynamic and organic agriculture.

The coffee beans are naturally processed. First, the beans are picked at their optimum point of ripeness and are then intensively floated to select and remove the less dense and defective cherries. Then the coffee is fermented in sealed bags for 48 hours. The coffee is then laid out to dry in a large covered room. For this purpose, the family has developed a kind of "merry-go-round" that moves in such a way that constant air movement is possible. During drying, the coffee beans are selected again by hand. The drying process can take up to 15 days as the farm is located in an area with little sun exposure. After milling (removing the shell), the coffee beans are selected one last time and then packed in GrainPro bags and sisal and stored at 20°C. The coffee is cupped every 15 days to check the taste and cup quality.