A wine decanter? Not quite. This device is the wonderfully charming Chemex.
The design was invented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 and has remained largely unchanged.
Great for entertaining - it makes a lot of coffee and looks good doing it.

1. Place the triple layered portion of the filter paper on the spout side of the glass.

2. Rinse it with hot water and then pour the water away.

3. Place your freshly ground coffee in the filter paper. Straighten the coffee grounds with a gentle shake.

4. Put everything on the scale.

5. Start the timer and wet all of the ground coffee with 50g of water.

6. After 30 seconds, pour in 150g more water.

7. Then after 90 seconds add another 200g.

8. All the water (400g) should sit at the 90 second mark. Now let it drip to the end.

9. After four minutes your coffee should be ready.


  • Chemex (for 6 cups)
  • Kettle
  • Spoon
  • 25g freshly ground coffee per 250ml
  • Hario Kettle (optional – helps extract evenly)
  • filter paper
  • Measuring spoon or scale (optional)
  • Cup


  • Coffee quantity 25g
  • Water 400g/ml
  • Temperature 94°C
  • Brewing time 4 min
  • Grinding level medium – between sugar and rock salt
  • Top Tip: If your coffee takes longer than expected, coarsen your grind. Or try a finer grind if the extraction is too short.