Welcome to the Maldaner Coffee Club! Thank you for taking part. This is where your journey begins with your new coffees. We want you to experience these coffees - with all your senses . Are you excited? Before you get started, make sure your coffee is ready to be brewed. Have at least 7 days passed since the roasting date ? Then let's get started! Your Maldaner Coffee Roasters wish you a lot of fun discovering. Let's brew it!

Open your coffee and put your nose into the packet - smell the freshly roasted coffee. Look at the coffee beans, what do they look like? How big are the beans, what is their structure? how bright are they Have a go at the bean and feel how easy or hard it is to chew it up. Can you perhaps already perceive the first tastes? After your first impression, you are ready to make your coffee. Take your time and celebrate this extraordinary coffee. You can find our recipe recommendations here.

portafilter machine

15.5 g in | 38g out | 25 sec. | 93°C

V60 hand filter

15g | 250g | 2:20 minutes | 93°CI

Did you brew your coffee? Let it work its magic on you before you drink it. What is its color and texture like? Wave it and take in its scent. Sip it and let it melt in your mouth. What flavors can you recognize? Associate with similar tastes and try to think in terms of colors. How is the mouthfeel? Soft, silky, gentle or sparkling? is your coffee sweet Try to get to know your coffee fully. Don't forget to record all your impressions in the cupping chart on the packaging.

Only when you have explored your coffee through and through will we tell you which beans it is first:

flavor notes

Hazelnut. Brittle. Popcorn.

The variety

Laurina variety

The Laurina variety is a coffee plant known for its exceptional flavor quality and rarity. The Laurina plant is a natural variant of Arabica coffee and is sometimes referred to as "Bourbon Pointu".

The Laurina plant is known for its unique leaves, which are smaller than other coffee plants and have a distinctive reddish hue. The coffee cherries that come from the Laurina plant are also smaller than other varieties and are yellowish in color.

The Laurina beans have a very special taste that is often described as fruity, floral and citrusy. They also have lower caffeine levels than other types of coffee and are often preferred by people who are sensitive to caffeine.

However, the Laurina variety is also known for its lower yield rate compared to other coffee plants, making it a rarer and more expensive type of coffee. In addition, the plant is susceptible to certain diseases and pests, further limiting its viability.

Overall, the Laurina variety is a unique and intriguing type of coffee, highly valued by coffee lovers and roasters alike for its rarity and unique taste.

The origin

Nicaragua - Jinotega

The Jinotega region of Nicaragua is a major coffee growing region known for its high quality Arabica coffees. The region is located in the northern part of the country and is part of the so-called "coffee triangle", which also includes the neighboring regions of Matagalpa and Segovia.

The coffee plantations in the Jinotega region are at an altitude of around 800 to 1,600 meters above sea level and benefit from the ideal climatic conditions required for the cultivation of Arabica coffee. The Jinotega region has gained international fame in recent years and its coffees have won several awards in competitions. Some of the best-known coffee roasters in the world today offer coffees from Jinotega.

Overall, the Jinotega Region of Nicaragua is a major player in the world of coffee growing, offering a wide range of high-quality and unique Arabica coffees to coffee lovers around the world.

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