About Us

From the 2nd backyard in Wiesbaden's Westend into the world


We are Maldaner Coffee - a young coffee roasting company from Wiesbaden. As a socially conscious company, we see it as our responsibility to share our passion for really good coffee with you - through high quality, ethical & fair trade, radical transparency and genuine appreciation along the entire value chain. We have our roots in the Maldaner coffee house, founded in 1859. Today the 1st original Viennese coffee house in Germany, which we are proud of and which is an important part of our DNA. Above all, we are a modern, value- and future-oriented roastery that questions, learns, improves and shares with like-minded people. We combine tradition with modern standards and build the bridge between you and smallholders, regardless of distance, language and culture. For us, an important building block for the future of coffee in order to change commercial trade in the long term and sustainably.

For us, Direct Trade means regularly visiting our farmers on site, learning from each other and letting them decide the selling price themselves in order to make a real difference. For this we work together with real specialists in export and import: trustworthy partners who specialize in buying coffee directly from first-class coffee farmers and cooperatives, supporting them and paying fair reasonable prices.

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