The good old cafetière. French for “coffee maker”.
Patented by an Italian designer and popular since the 50s.


1. Use coarse grinds for the French press preparation - coarser than a hand filter.

2. Rinse your stamp pot or French press with hot water. Feel free to let the water stand for a short time - this way your pot will warm up and the coffee won't cool down so quickly.

3. Place your jug ​​on a scale and start a timer.

4. Add the ground material and then brew with 92 - 96° C hot water until your coffee powder is completely covered.

5. Stir with a spoon so the coffee and water are evenly mixed. This allows coffee aromas to be extracted evenly.

5. Now pour in the remaining water. Now it's time to wait.

6. After 4 minutes: Put the lid on your French Press and gently press down. This stops the extraction of the coffee.

7. Your French press coffee is now ready!

8. If the coffee is too strong or bitter and the lid is difficult to press down, use a coarser grind for the next grind. If the coffee tastes too watery, grind your coffee finer.


  • French press
  • Kettle
  • 60 g coffee to 1 l water
  • Scale (optional)


  • Coffee quantity 60g
  • Water 1 l
  • Water temperature 92 – 96˚C
  • Brewing time 4 min
  • Grind coarse