Handcrafted Specialty Coffee


V60 Handbrew
from 4.90
Choose a filter coffee from our range

Batch Brew 4.00


We want to tell the whole coffee story, so we keep changing the beans in our grinder. Choose between a classy and a fancy roast for all espresso-based drinks.

Fancy: Eve. Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe. curume Natural. Elderflower. black cherry.

As Double Shot or Flat White

Classy: French house presso. Dark chocolate. Brown sugar. Marzipan.

Espresso 2.70
Double Shot 3.50
Piccolo 3.50
Cappuccino 3.80
Cappuccino Double 4.80
Flat White 4.40
Latte macchiato 4.20

Hot chocolate
Chai Latte 4.90
Dried Fruit Infusion 4.50
Geisha Cascara Brew 4.90
Soft drinks
Voelkl BioZisch Apple | Lemon | Rhubarb | matcha
Fritz MischMasch | Community Cola | Community Cola sugar free