The origin

Kenya I Nyeri

In the southern Nyeri region of Kenya lies the Chinga Washing Station. This is where small farmers from the Othaya Farmer's Cooperative Society bring their coffee cherries, where the beans are first fermented for 48 hours and then washed and processed. They all produce no more than one sack of green coffee a year. This coffee is particularly close to our hearts because it is one of the first coffee crops to result from the work of the Long Miles Coffee Project in Kenya. The project not only supports farmers in improving the quality and marketing of their coffee, they also build a washing station on site.


Preparation with the portafilter machine: 14g in I 36g out I 24 seconds

Preparation with the V60 hand filter: 16.5g in | 250ml out | 93°C

For us, Direct Trade means regularly visiting our farmers on site, learning from each other and letting them decide the selling price themselves in order to make a real difference. For this we work together with real specialists in export and import: trustworthy partners who specialize in buying coffee directly from first-class coffee farmers and cooperatives, supporting them and paying fair reasonable prices.