The cooperative


Our importer Cumpa has been with the Aproeco cooperative since 2016. Around 300 farmers and their families work together in the Moyobamba area. They are pioneers in sustainable agriculture and permaculture. Many live in the hills in the mountain rainforest and make a living mostly from subsistence farming. On their small coffee fincas (1-3ha) they produce small amounts of coffee. That's why they put "Kuntu" together for our cooperative lot. Only the best coffees make it through quality control into this lot. This results in a particularly consistent coffee that is easily reproducible. As the cornerstone of our range, coffee is a tropical message to our mountain rainforest farmer friends.


Preparation with the portafilter machine: 16.8g in | 38g out | 26sec | 93.3°C | 1:2.3 ratio

Preparation with the V60 hand filter: 15.5g in I 250ml out I 2.40min I 96 degrees

For us, Direct Trade means regularly visiting our farmers on site, learning from each other and letting them decide the selling price themselves in order to make a real difference. For this we work together with real specialists in export and import: trustworthy partners who specialize in buying coffee directly from first-class coffee farmers and cooperatives, supporting them and paying fair reasonable prices.