The origin

Guatemala I Lampocoy

Guda Maria is made from 100% Arabica coffee from Nuevo Oriente, Guatemala. Here it is organically grown by the 82 farmers of the mountain village of Lampocoy. On the eastern edge of the mighty volcanoes of Central America and in the area of ​​influence of the Atlantic trade winds, the coffee cherries of our Guda Maria ripen over a period of more than ten months in an optimal, cool and humid microclimate at a cultivation altitude of 1000 and 1500 m.

Guda Maria is a 100% Direct Trade coffee. The farmers get a price that is currently 40% above the world market level. In addition, education, health and infrastructure projects are supported - for a long-term perspective of the residents and the mountain village.

Don Santos

Located in the heart of the highlands of Guatemala, Don Santos Coffee Farm is a family business that has been run by the Santos family for over five generations. The farm is home to more than 50,000 trees and offers unique coffee products. Don Santos Coffee Farm offers a variety of coffees including Arabica, Robusta, Bourbon and Catuai. These different varieties give the coffee a variety of aromas and flavors. The farm is proud to offer its customers high-quality coffees that are treated naturally to bring out the best in every harvest.Don Santos coffee farm is committed to ensuring sustainable coffee production through responsible farming, the use of natural fertilizers, supporting the local community and maintaining the highest quality standards. By combining these factors, the farm creates unique, high-quality coffee products that customers around the world can enjoy.


Preparation for the V60 hand filter: 17-18g in | 250ml out | 96°C

Our standard: transparent coffee

We trade all our coffees as transparently and directly as possible. But, trust is good, control is better. So convince yourself and check our transparent price calculation from Adam (see graphic in the pictures). You can also find out what price (FOB price) we pay the farmers compared to the world market and fair trade price. The FOB price is the price farmers have received for their labor and effort up to the time the coffee is shipped for export from the country of origin. The FOB price thus includes all costs associated with the production of a coffee in the country of production. All other costs such as transport to the roasting plant by ship, road or rail as well as customs duties and taxes are borne by us as the roasting plant in addition to the FOB price. Our step to make transparent and fair coffee accessible to everyone and thus revolutionize the coffee market, which is characterized by opacity.