The Farmers

Roberto, Pablo & Luis

Roberto Pablo and Luis are coffee farmers from Ecuador who are dedicated to the traditional, organic cultivation of coffee. They run a small farm in a remote, mountainous village near the Cotopaxi volcano. Roberto and Luis are known for their incredible commitment and love for nature, which they protect and preserve. They have developed a number of techniques to turn their coffee into a unique, aromatic product. Their coffee is considered to be one of the best coffees in Ecuador. They are also recognized internationally for their commitment to the environment.

Recipes for Los Grillos

Preparation in the portafilter machine: 15 g in | 34.8g out | 30 seconds | 93°C | 1:2.3 ratio

Preparation in the V60 hand filter: 16 g in | 250 g out | 93°C | 2:20 mins.