The origin

Sustainable cultivation in the highlands of Mexico

Finca Fulda is located in Chiapas, in southern Mexico on the border with Guatemala. Here the coffee beans are produced in an environmentally friendly way, as Rainer has great respect for the future of coffee, climate change and the safety of the local population. Processing methods are designed to save water as much as possible, the fields are planted with different species of trees and contain protected forest areas for wildlife. The farm is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. In addition to Arabica and Robusta, orchids are also planted on the farm.

the farmer

Rainer Boehme

From Hesse to Mexico – in 1980 Rainer Böhme emigrated to Chiapas, Mexico and founded Finca Fulda there with his wife Ibbeth in honor of his hometown. On their farm, they jointly provide schooling, food and medical care for the more than 500 employees and their families. They also treat the environment with respect with sustainable and resource-saving cultivation methods. In order to be independent of short-term fluctuations in the market price, a fixed price was agreed with Rainer in 2018, which guarantees planning and price certainty on both sides and maintains the quality of his beans. At that time, this price was 245% higher than the world market price, but on the date the contract was signed it was 1 cent lower due to short-term fluctuations. For us, the most honest model for long-term cooperation at eye level. He strives to promote sustainable agriculture by helping farmers to use new methods and improve soil quality. Rainer is convinced that coffee farmers in Chiapas can have a better life by growing high-quality coffee.


Prepare Rainer in the portafilter machine, in the espresso pot or in the fully automatic machine. As a tasty espresso - pure or in milk drinks but also as a creamy café crème a special treat.

Our favorite portafilter recipe: Portafilter: 18g in | 38g out | 24sec | 93.3°C | 1:2.1 ratio

For us, Direct Trade means regularly visiting our farmers on site, learning from each other and letting them decide the selling price themselves in order to make a real difference. For this we work together with real specialists in export and import: trustworthy partners who specialize in buying coffee directly from first-class coffee farmers and cooperatives, supporting them and paying fair reasonable prices.