The perfect espresso with the espresso maker

1. Boil the water to 90 - 95° C before adding it to the mocha pot. While the water is boiling, grind the coffee. But not too fine!

2. Remove the top of the mocha pot and the strainer. Fill the bottom of your pot with hot water (not cold water! As prolonged contact with water extracts bitter elements.) Make sure the level stays below the safety valve.

3. Place your ground coffee in the sieve and make sure it is evenly distributed without applying pressure.

4. Place the sieve back into the moka pot with the spout pointing downwards.

5. Screw the top to the bottom. Be careful, it's getting hot.

6. Then place the pot on the stove over medium heat. (This can vary depending on the stove! It's best to try out how you like your espresso best.)

7. When the pot starts to gurgle, remove the pot from the heat - your coffee is ready. Stir and then serve.


  • Mocha pot
  • Mill (optional)
  • boiled water
  • stove
  • ground espresso
  • If necessary: ​​tea towel or gloves


  • Coffee quantity: 15g
  • 250 ml water
  • Water temperature 94 – 96˚C
  • Brewing time 2 min
  • Grinding level: Medium – fine (like powdered sugar)