The traditional espresso machine

Short throughput time, perfect extraction, great crema. We combine all of this with the perfect espresso from a portafilter machine. In order for your espresso to taste just as good, your machine must be set correctly. You'll be amazed at the effects even the smallest adjustments have on the result.


1. Remove the portafilter from the group head - turn it from right to left until it comes loose.

2. Rinse the group head for two to three seconds.

3. Empty the portafilter (if it's not already empty) and make sure there is no residue or moisture left.

4. Weigh your coffee: Use a scale for an accurate result.

5. Pour the coffee into the portafilter and balance with a gentle shake or metering tool.

6. Tamping coffee: Using a tamper, press the coffee grounds together firmly and level them out. This removes air pockets and creates a longer extraction process.

7. Clean the rim of the portafilter and spouts and rinse the group head.

8. Lock the portafilter in the group head by turning it from left to right and prepare a cup.

9. Start the water flow. Your espresso should start pouring into the cup after 3 – 5 seconds.

10. Keep an eye on the extraction time of your espresso - this varies depending on your taste.

11. Once your espresso is brewed, stop the water flow.


A good espresso machine and portafilter

Freshly ground coffee


Good espresso grinder (optional, but highly recommended)


Coffee quantity 17 – 19g

Water 28 – 36g/ml

Temperature 91 – 96˚C

Brewing time 22 – 30 seconds

Grind very fine – like powder

Tip: Keep your machine and all tools as clean as possible. This keeps your espresso fresh, clear and flawless.