"Life is long enough for hand-brewed coffee"

The hand filter is probably the most well-known classic method of preparing coffee and some of you probably still know it from grandma's kitchen. It allows a timeless and easy brew and is the best way to start. With the right preparation, you can achieve a perfectly balanced result in the cup.


1. Fold the paper filter along the seam into a cone. Place the paper filter in your V60 (which should be on top of a mug or jug).

2. Rinse the filter by pouring (and then pouring) hot water through the filter into the cup. By rinsing the filter, you loosen the particles, which ensures a clean profile in the cup. At the same time, you warm up your jug.

3. Place the ground coffee in the center of the filter and gently shake the grounds flat.

4. Place your V60 and cup or jug ​​on the scales and place them back on Tare.

5. Start the timer. Pour in double the amount (of the ground coffee) of water and cover all the coffee to bloom. Blooming allows the gas produced during roasting to escape from the coffee, which would otherwise form a layer around the coffee. In this way, the coffee particles can be better dissolved by the water as the process progresses. The fresher your coffee is, the more important the blooming process is.

6. Once 30 seconds have passed, brew in concentric circles until you reach 160g - Don't settle! From now on you hold onto the middle and continue brewing. The water level in your filter should neither fall nor rise. Never come to the sides of the filter paper during the entire process.

7. After about 230g of brewed water, do another circular sweep to wet all the grounds again and stop after 250g of brewed water.

8. Your coffee should be ready within 2-3 minutes.

9. If it takes longer than expected, coarsen the grind next time. Or if you're running low, grind it a little finer.

And now the most important thing: ENJOY!

  • V60 hand filter
  • Kettle
  • 15 g freshly ground coffee per 250 ml cup (we recommend the Comandante Grinder as a professional grinder with optimal grinding results)
  • Hario Kettle (optional - but helps extract evenly)
  • filter paper
  • Scale
  • Cup
  • V60 jug or cup
  • Coffee 15.5 g beans (approx. 15 g ground)
  • Brewing water 250g/ml
  • Water temperature 92 – 96 ° C
  • Total brewing time 2 – 3 min
  • Degree of grinding: medium - fine
  • Tip: A Hario-Kettle offers a more controlled pour - give it a try